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Follow your hearts, Follow your dreams

Life may be all but your own private stream

To drink whenever we can at our leisure

Hopefully, we get to experience plea-shore

Working so very hard to pretend

Life has meaning, but it also must end

Because if we’re always attached

To assigning this splenderour batch

Of flowers so numerous names

What is the point of thier glorious fame?

Because together they make a bouquet

So fragrant, it drives bees to sway

And they dance to the rhythm

Of the swaying breeze

They swing like the monkeys

With the greatest of ease

From each stem and leaf

To each petal too

Admiring their abundance

To make their honey dew

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Kind of a Freak

809.1Kind of a Freak

You’ve seen a lot of art unlike mine
But when you view me you will find
All of my characteristics plainly
I’ll distinguish mine vainly

Since it is unique
And I’m kind of a freak
Of nature unwilling
But forcefully killing

Each delicate, polite, fragile sound
You’ll feel my presence when I’m not around!
Not to frighten, but to boldly show
That when I portray art, I clearly KNOW!

About all the struggle
Trouble, toil & bubble
Could I be a witch?
No, my brain is unhitched!

There are so many ways to ride
Side-saddle, backward, or stride
This pony is free from societal reigns
But galloping back, there are gains

My words strangely speak of a witch and a horse
But I’m a mere artist, just playing, of course
Life would be mundane if there’s nothing to stain
That’s why we could never restrain, sustain, or remain

Inertia only results with our attempts
But movement we crave to reach farther depths
We understand ourselves as we gather our thoughts
To absent-mindedly declare,”Oh Dear!…I forgot!”

I’m not a one-trick pony
I’ve got more up my sleeve
Than the heart that you see
On the outside…and…I can’t leave!

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I’m not just a Dudley

74.1I'm not just a Dudley

I’m not just a Dudley

With a spoonful of sugar, the medicine went down

Those childhood memories come in handy somehow

I told you I live life like some little kid

Guess it still works, now does that flip your lid?

“Grow up, my dear girl, grow up for it’s time

I am so I say, “Go suck a green lime!”

To shift rules of love for unfair advantage

Will just hurt yourself, you may need a big bandage

Didn’t you know that I could give it back?

You trusted your instincts instead and attacked

Later on you felt pity and guilty as well

Got your head out of sand and the clam out of shell

I just saw discomfort, you want to relate

So then I approached you and never could hate

To bring you right out of secluded four walls

Gave me such pleasure, I really had balls

Hope you don’t mind that I wanted much more

One thing leads to others, but I’m not a whore

Just wanted to see if you’d give me a vision

To save me from self, but I got a division

I can love myself, I can after all

No longer for you shall I fall, shall I fall

I’m pretty, creative, and ever so lovely

My name is Bonita, I’m not just a Dudley

© Bonita Louise Christensen

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Apple & Worm

800.1Apple & Worm

Apple & Worm

Here I go again writing poetry by the mile

My only job in life is to try & make you smile

Goody, Goody gumdrops, Goody, Goody two shoes

Making light is easy when I’m free to choose

I choose when to wake & when to shake

I choose when to freeze or bake

There’s no worries when it comes to earth quakes

Since my home is ripped up now as my heart aches

As with any trouble, disparity, or worry

I just take my time & there is no hurry

Yep, just monitoring the lizard

As it crawls inside my gizzard

I think of drinking the worm, but….

Is it the same one in New York’s apple?

Or the one I gave my teacher?

Well somehow, like the worm, my education crawled away!

Never mind the protein of the worm

That I as Eve consumed…with the apple

It makes women live longer than men

Therefore, the disparity of income isn’t bad then!

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So Bright

803.1So Bright

So Bright

As intricate as you are, you are a guiding star

Twinkling and flickering so

To light the way a glow

For if you were never here

We’d only live in fear

Since thought, word and deed

Will help you take the lead

So never get discouraged

Of eating sloppy porriage

Because it nourishes well

Wherever you may dwell

So calm is your speech and words

They even help the birds

To feed so peacefully

And sing so gleefully

It is a song of love

As they sing from above

Now flying and soaring high

Across the serene sky

Star by night or day

You keep the wolves at bay

A beacon for the mast

Will sail our ship at last

And whether the boat rocks or tips

It stays afloat on licks

And laps the water slaps

Sure hope we don’t get claps

No! Rather standing ovation

To entertain the nation

The star must shine so bright

All see it day or night

So keep your chin up and keep marching

To life’s beat and watch your starching

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Joy Inside

802.1Joy Inside

Joy Inside

I am very wealthy, prestigious, and predominant

They all hear me coming, blowing my horn so triumphant

Even as I speak no words, I will shine!

It does occur only in my mind

Because I think and imagine

That it’s really purring, the engine

As for building on to what I am

All I can say is, ‘I’m a ham!’

I participate rather than anticipate

And if I’m called, I go

Whatever might be guiding me

One will never know.

Getting out of the rain

Helps me deal with the pain

And as I seize every moment with vigor

Inside, I can taste the vinegar

That it may not be only me

Who is acting out life soulfully

But rather, an obsessive manifestation

To gain successfully with infestation

Of ideas to put to use

My life seems to be an excuse

Of which to make up rhymes as I go along

Funny how they sound like a song

But I’ve always enjoyed entertainment

To uplift the serious assignment

It enriches the joy still inside

As I travel this wonderful ride

Life! I live it with stride!

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