I want to ride on a motorcycle
Rev it up – I’ll hug you from the back
Cruisin’ – we’ll pass the countryside
Baby, we’ll ride real fast

Motorcycle, shiny and black
Can’t compare to a Cadillac
Motorcycle, to the rescue
It will thrill you through and through

Hey, can we see the sun sink low?
Could we maybe have a beer?
That wind whips through my hair
I have nothing left to fear

Honey, let’s go on a joyful cruise
Later on I’ll find a comb
Slipping my hands into your leather pockets
Makes me feel right at home (YEAH!)

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Spilling it like Milk-don't Cry!.jpg

As I pondered the possibility of a poem
My mind wandered off to wonder and roam
Of the sacred being whom I consider my true love
…My beloved sent from above…
Then, I realized he was RIGHT
He’s NOT here and he’s ELSEWHERE
But that doesn’t make me sad, No Sir!
Because it’s the impression of him that stirs
If I made him out to be a cyber spouse
Then that’s my biggest gamble IN-HOUSE
He’s easy to please, low maintenance
But I can still tease in my spaciousness
What does it matter on paper
When it all disappears in a vapor?
To have & to hold or to not?
To hit or to stick, I forgot!
I’m all-in despite the longshot
Even a wild card can serve as a push to my lot
Even as I carefully use the hole cards
The casino of love always has an advantage
The burn card can protect my integrity
But the optimal strategy is to take a stand
The house may have an edge on this high roller
But the expected value has fixed odds…BEHOLDER

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Deep in the ocean…So clear and so warm
I found an old treasure…From a long time ago
It had the inscription: “Your heart’s on my list”
It had an impression…Of someone’s full lips

In the high meadow…Of pine green and orange
Sits an umbrella…that was left from the storm
How did it get there…Okay, let me see
Oh yeah, I remember…It fell down from our tree

Lush in the garden…the colors so rich
There were some strong horses…with a buggy and hitch
Deciding to travel…I hopped right in
At the end of the crossroads, I was stinking of gin

INTERLUDE: Oh…………………I want to stay warm….with you
Oh……………….you want to be free with me

Dark in the forest…with magnificent trees
I spotted a sunset…yes, it tickled and teased
There was a reflection of you in the lake
I wanted to kiss you, but my soul you won’t take

c. Bonita Louise Christensen

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Baron Fields

205.1Barron Fields
In the baron fields of winter
I hear the rustle of my windowpane
The wind calls to answer silence
It echoes madly to unleash my shame
Howling and Blowing
Something is tearing outside
It won’t reach inward
Since the way it can not find
Walls protecting the heart of
My home are very strong indeed
They shut out the forces of nature
And they do not let me bleed
Sullen dark is the sky above
It shadows out the light
Yet inventions of time shine brightly
Into my room in the night
Softly the sun peeks inward
It warms a spot on my face
If it had a voice, it would say
Hey woman, I’ve found your place

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Billy Boy

166.1Billy Boy.jpg

Hey there big Billy Boy
You’re looking pretty sharp, let’s make some noise
We’ll tumble across the suburban town
Be careful now – you don’t want to break your crown

You know you dress so fine
Your nifty boots have a gleaming shine
You’re snappy as a cracker jack
You dance so great – Gosh I’ll have to get the knack

Sit by me, you adorable man
C’mon and get to know me only if you dare
Join me in the tropical sun
I’ll show you off and everybody will be stunned

The full moon in the midnight sky
Reminds me of the time when you were shy
Grinning from the side of your lips
You said you really loved the curve of my hips

You’ve got an Eldorado
Let’s drive thru Colorado
Hey there big Billy Boy
See ya around big Billy Boy

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Perhaps the word project needs to project
For if one’s endeavors are a source of joy
They should spread it to our girls and boys
Perhaps one needs to subject their subject
Yes, subject it for critique – it has mystique
Because it’s so unique
Perhaps crafting the craft would be best
As the Emergency Broadcast system reveals
‘This is only a test!’
I’m told my obsession becomes my profession
Let’s study ‘pro-fession’…
A pro at confessing and processiong…hmmm…
The obscure lesson is an obsession
If wise men say only fools rush in
Then I am certainly blushing for the rushing
What have I learned? Shall I repeat the lesson again?
Practice makes perfect they say
But maybe I’m an EX-pert
At knowing how to be curt and not hurt
But then it’s just another flesh wound…
And my IN-tell-lectures
Can’t beat EX-perience
But if I object to the object of my affections
I can’t help but scratch the infection
And there is no cure for what’s pure
If I can just suppose a juxtapose then perhaps I may love again…
Right now, forever, here’s a blank slate
Help me remember how to relate…

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Hi! My name is Musicala! I’m sort of an odd cat. I enjoy mixing up colors and music to invent new sites and sounds. I do it because I get bored really easily. Sometimes the process of it can get lengthy, but it’s always worth it when I can see my friends enjoying themselves listening to my songs. Even when I can’t see them, I hear it through the grapevine of how they were moving and grooving. I’ve got skinny arms and legs because sometimes I get so involved with my creating I forget to eat. It’s a good thing I’m so artistic and can design me own cover albums because it saves me a good deal of headache trying to get it the way I envision through somebody else. I like to catch people off guard with my oddities. Yeah, I get ‘the look’ quite often too, but I don’t care since it’s just more attention. I know those people are also secretly drawn to me. One thing a great powerhouse of a mentor, Ruth, once said to me was that if they’re picking on you, they like you. It’s still hard to believe. Most times I think they just pick on me because they want to feel more important than me. This one bitch at school, Amy Johnson, was busy dominating a circle of friends once. When I tried to break into the circle to attempt friendship and relating, she got all haughty and then I suddenly and magically didn’t want to be a part of that circle or any circle for that matter. I just wanted to be my own best friend from that day forward. It has served me well. It’s caused me an easier time transitioning from school to the real world because I didn’t really have many attachments and the ones I had were easily let go. It’s just so easy to do my stuff without everyone else meddling anyways. But then I have to switch roles and become some kind of happy-go-lucky personality again to get out, meet people, and promote myself. We’re all just actors on a worldly stage. Guess I forgive Amy Johnson, but I’m sure glad I’m me and not her! Keep on with enjoying all the entertainment out in the world. Even your local barber shop or bakery offers some form of it! Try listening to ‘Woke up Laughing’ by Robert Palmer. It begins, ‘I ran to the window as fast as could be. I thought you were somebody else, I thought you were me.’

Mahalo! (Thank You!)

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