Tickle a Fancy

908.Tickle a Fancy (Big Bling)

I spied a feather, it was for me
I tucked it into my cap thoughtfully
But then I had a thought of an earring
And it passed quickly
Since one would look so gay
And I’m straight as an arrow
(My mind is so narrow)
Soon, I remembered the tickle
I felt with somebody’s pickle
And on I sped with my day
Trying hard not to smile as I looked away
From my irresistible urge
To tickle a fancy anyways
On I did prance in a trance
And so plays the music
As we continued to dance
Feather in my cap as if I’m a chap
Perhaps I’m just as gay anyways
It’s all in the way you think
And I’m not a heartless dink
If it matters what we practice
And not so much we preach
Then everyone’s got their foot in their mouth
Instead of in the door
And we’re all cheap whores
As we’d like everyone to adore!
Sorry it’s not such an innocent feather
That dirty bird dropped…(WHATEVER!)

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To, Two, and Too

907.To, two, and too (Comet Flying above the Meadow)

To whom it may concern:
Two seems too much to endure
One is bad enough to discern
With two, though, the constant play
Of many possibilities dismay
And this is why that is true
Pick simply one reason, then do
Because life’s too short for discussion
It may cause your head a concussion
As many voices sound like percussion
One forbidden tree, one curious little me
If I said I was hungry, you’d have to agree
To whom it may concern:
Please start living & stop the concern
Just one reason is all you need
To stop the hunger and feed
Yet one could say it’s merely greed
Would you forfeit happiness?
Or plant the seed of deliciousness?

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906. Windmill Philosophy (Playing with the Ball in my Co urt)

Some strange footprints found
In the sand or the mud so profound
Warned me I’m not alone
Nor shall I become a clone
So mysterious as they were
They could have danced a twirl
Or slipped by in the dead of night
To seek its prey to fright
But whether friendly or evil
They remind me of something medieval
Is it a mythical creature or guide?
To protect me from terrible slide?
Just to know I am never alone
Causes my mind to be blown
Is it something to fear or a deer?
I hear, ‘Follow your heart, dear!’
Why then I am comforted to go forward
I spring from the reigns bored
Even so, the bit’s still in my mouth
Steering me clear of filth
That’s why I write & don’t speak much
Charging invisible windmills and such
The fear is all in our heads, you see
Some real, but most just philosophy!

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905.Prophetic Muse (Hidden Agenda)

Getting away with profit
Puts pennies in my pocket
But when I saw the sign
How quickly did I find
That rules posted creates wealth
Since authorities use stealth
How quickly did pennies circulate?
To all so often give them weight
But somehow I still have clout
Getting around each roundabout
And as I turn to face me
Here I am
Getting away with profit again
I’m such a prophetic muse
Working on mysteries without clues
And, as always, I stand accused
Of ripping off Bob Seeger’s lyrics
Please just be amused!

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The Box

904.The Box (Shapes in our Living Room)

The box is square or rectangle
It puts us in such a tangle
Because it’s confinement at best
We try to get out of the next
Not much life happens there
Only still pictures & objects fair
We are constantly bombarded by stillness
What we really feel is livid
Our worlds aren’t vivid
That we’re so caught up in our world
We can’t explore, jump, or twirl
Staring at the four walls has us cornered
As a captured animal so lured
This is the end of this shape
If we learn to live as an ape or with a cape
Perhaps we’ll escape this comfort zone
As we pick our own grapes
Even this poem is a box
Now I shall end it & live like a FOX!

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Radio Box

903.Radio Box (Perception)

That old wooden radio box
Is another confinement or refinement
Seems so perfect to hear
All the confounded information, so dear
Listening for facts or fiction
Entertained by the various diction
Music is another lovely delight
To engage our beautiful insight
I’ve always been so moved
By the tempo and sounds that groove
Our invisible friends just a wavelength away
Are such comfort to our ears so gay
As we live out our lives day after day
Within stillness, there’s movement inside
Hearing there’s a world outside
Helps us carry on & that’s what’s hidden inside
So even as we’re caught up in ourselves
It helps to know we’re not alone
Insecurity remains, but our hearts are not stone

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The Chase

902.The Chase (Taking a leisurely break)

As I chase after happiness
I’m in hot pursuit of its meaning
Constantly striving and achieving
Sometimes I’m up against a wall
Other times, I enjoy a great Fall
But the most important decision
Has to be trying for the derision
Because its involvement in the process
That keeps us from our recess
But our free time involves work
So don’t be a blue-collar jerk
Chasing to drive or to stay in a home
Isn’t living your dream when you’re alone
But if it is, then just run with it
Yet, I know happiness is in the chase
Not gathering to win an invisible rat race
Just play with what is possible
Even if it means living ‘Mission Impossible’
Just pretend you’re a spy
Action-packed, living the lie
Because if you’re not having fun
What on earth have you done?

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