988.1Gelatin (Tiger Sun)Everybody’s passing the buck

And expecting me to give a fuck

And giving me the run-around

When all I want is higher ground

Avoiding responsibility & causing complications

While I continue to belch & strain for vacation

It’s such a sensation with little variation

Luckily for me, I walk on

Keeping chin up – Staying strong!

Acquisitions put me in so many positions

Since they’re the ball and chain

Even so, I still remain plain Jane

And I forward this to you, not back

As I’m careful not to break my back or get sacked

They say Mars is on the attack

But I just see a duck…QUACK!

It’s all I can do in this melting pot stew

Of corruption and accusations run rampant

The feeling I get? I’m at camp yet

Green Horn getting my feet wet

And planning my gelatin mold to be set

Only to be consumed once again

Like breathing in & out like ZEN

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987.Humanity (Well Spoken)Humanity is so pathetic, dirty, and sad
Crying by the side of the road
Having gone absolutely MAD
Some say the cry is healthy
Liquid salt flowing down your face
But really it’s just something else
So much has been disgraced and misplaced
Responsible for everything and nothing
(That’s for sure!)
Self-preservation while on vacation
Innocent and pure

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Nothing New

973.Nothing New (Spotty)

Eating a lemon for the first time
Made me pucker and squinch my lips fine
The sour taste was more addicting in candy form
Or lemonade before the storm
Yes, before the storm, it gets really hot
That lemonade, though, could not be forgotten
It perks up the dreariest of days
And the vitamin C everyone craves!
So I no longer pucker my lips
At the sound of a lemon, Pips
I just remember how, when combined
As a lemonade concoction, it’s more than a grind
Never mind the rind, I mean, it’s better than the brew
Of that old, brown coffee stew
The comparison is nothing new
And lemonade wins my taste buds, Crew!

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White Cat



Oh pretty, kitty, kitty Cat
Your fur would pretty up my hat
Oh pretty, kitty, kitty Cat
Let’s dance an old soft shoe
While I find my cane & top hat
Oh pretty, kitty, kitty Cat
Please don’t sing or we’ll end 10 seconds flat
Just prance & dance the old soft shoe
And if you must speak, let it be a soft ‘Mew’!

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Feeling Out of Place

971.Feeling Out of Place (Be as a Boulder)

When I’m feeling out of place,
I’m feeling kind of weird
And rather quite awkward
As if I had a beard!
And I’m just a middle-aged woman
With a few hairs on my chinny-chin-chin
Chim-Chiminy, Chim-Chiminy, Chim, Chim, Cheroo
I’m hiding my feelings with nothing to do!
Chi-Chiminy, Chi-Chiminy, Chim, Chim, Cheree
I’d much rather celebrate what it is to be me
Than listen to some other point of view
Even though I seem stagnant with nothing better to do!
Liar, liar pants on fire, I’m feeling quite at home
Even though the garden acquired another gnome
That means you’re standing over some growth
Of seeds I’d already planted & don’t, don’t need moweth

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It Takes Two

970.It Takes Two (I.'D. just paint!)

A Taste of Honey is an Herb Alpert song
The loving nectar was savored & flavored
But among four friends, it gossiped
Still, that is how it blossomed
Just a tip of the iceburg
Let us enjoy the taste, Honey!
For this intimate love, it takes two
Four friends are not the plus sign of happiness!

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Pop Goes the Weasel

969.Pop Goes the Weasel (Fluer withing the Loop-de-Loop)

I’ve lived life much as a rock star
Without the notoriety, I did not go far
Just settled on my piece of paradise
This place, I said, will just have to suffice
I’ve been a victim of narcissism
Still full of my sarcasm
At least I’m not narcoleptic
Or suffering seizures, epileptic
But just as they have limitations
I too can’t help my violations
Of everything politically correct
I stand corrected just to stand erect
See, I’m not invisible nor are my words
No matter how I mutter, no matter how I slur
And while in the face of adversity
That I create through my own vanity
I know my own intellectuality
Could come to cause my own calamity
Because thinking is still an action in a box
But I need to break free as a clever fox
My free will is crazy to do its worst
But if I contain it, I live in a hearse
Since I feel so dead without passion
In the meantime, my poems are always in fashion!
Pop goes the weasel
Who am I kidding?
Never free of my easel!

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