Arlin Frank

935. Arlin Frank (blue-skeleton-man-at-computer)

Is your back outta whack?
Do you remember ‘The Knack’
Yeah, and I want you to want me
In my Dr.’s office, you see
My name is Arlin Frank
And I really wanna crank
Or crack those bones in line
Since I care about your spine
My only assignment
Is to get your re-alignment
To get some kind of adjustment
Or pray to God I thrust it
That bone has gotta crack
Knick knack paddy-whack
So give the doggie a bone
Before you go back home
Frankly, my dear, I do care
So come back over hare (here)
To repeat the process well
I can make you feel swell ;)

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Tripping Up

934.Tripping Up (Have your Cake)

As I trip up the stairs
Got caught unawares
For again, I wasn’t thinking
Only head in clouds-winking
Yes, the trip is quite calm
In this place with my balm
Couldn’t help but imagine
Something other than margarine
These fleeting moments of our life
Has us giving with our knife
A slice of our own pie
And I think I can fly
This tie it’s not a literal trip
Only a brainwave one-Hip!
Since I can’t always afford
The price to be adored
Went into my woman cave
Where I sit and behave
And I’m bringing you my best
Without my family crest
Nope! It’s just solitarily me
In this world I like to be
And it can be weird and bizarre
But I’m hiding every scar

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I have to go to the bathroom
There’s an app for that
Now I need to eat a feast
There’s an app for that too!
Who the hell are we kidding
Don’t look now, but I am winning!
So busy playing ‘seek and find’
In a game, I’ve lost my mind!
Yet me fair companion lap dog
Is something beautiful I use to blog
It’s true some human needs aren’t met
But even so, I’m addicted yet.
(…perhaps I’m just all wet!)

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Pushing the Boundaries

932.Pushing the Boundaries(Messing Around)

As I’m pushing the boundaries of my existence
All I do is repeat wash and rinse
That’s really all there is to it
Ya just have to get out and do it!
Most of the boundaries are in our minds
People, places, and things we’re tied
Only to trade them for other nouns
Can’t help but wander homeward bound
But really, home is where the heart is
And mine’s been everywhere, it seems
Therefore, for the being time
I’d like to sit around and rhyme!
It gives my mind and body a break
While I ponder what happened to my earthquake
That shook my world to utter crumble
Yet sprinkled it with sugared apple
And the taste was still delicious
Even after the deserted mess
I’m not a damsel in distress
Just a bit too conscientious

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931.Yoke (Ice Babies)

It would be a miracle to taste
A crisp, delicate cookie–no haste
And something new for my senses
While I see through rose-colored lenses
My Father may not approve
But being an object isn’t my groove
On from one thing to the next
There isn’t much flavor, the text
It’s only an outline at best
The actual outcome? I beat on my chest
To declare there’s no hair there
Only two boob-a-lie things
That jiggle as I walk-joy brings
But even the comedy of that
Doesn’t keep me flat on my back
Nope! It might give me a heart attack!
Can’t help if they bounce around
Even so, I keep them in place-bound
Since I care not be seen as a joke
Give me a partner and strap on the yoke!

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The number five so vivid
Amongst a purple background
Bold in black, five stands her ground
Because the world is round and profound

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930. Morph (Mountainous Rainfall)

Things are changing before my eyes
I should change with them – I tantalize
I’m morphing into another role
I did not want, but hear the drum roll
From a poet to an artist to a squatter
It isn’t much fun without water
New technology surpasses the old
And I’d better know it to become bold
Just keeping hip on every new slang
I open the door to avoid the bang
Of somebody calling me out
Since I’m tired of being a look-out

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