It’s the perfect pictureske place to paint

However, I have none of which to taint

Therefore, I use words to describe instead

All the imperfections within my head

As I slowly roll my shoulders and stretch my neck

Continuously massaging, ‘What the heck?! What the heck?!’

At least there’s some markers (mark hers) in the car

Why aren’t they ‘mark-hims’ (a thoughtful stall)

The shadows are so beautiful, I suppose

I think as I sit in my rag-a-muffin clothes

Whether dirty or clean, I still make the scene

Even in everyday clothes the mongoose is a squirrel it seems…

Adjusting to solitude and quiet

Has me banging my head like Quiet Riot

The silence which is golden only leaves me holding

But the noise that I build isn’t quite a guild

Circles are everywhere except here

Where I could quite easily pop myself a beer

Just contemplating the time of my life

Seeing all its glory and awesomeness in its strife

We struggle to be when we already are

Yet, sometimes we don’t see exactly how far

We’ve come to know our present as past

And move once again to complete another task

A tisket a tasket as we wait on Easter basket

Of goods and services D.O.A.

We come to conclusion life’s okay

If we lived each day as if it were our last

Which bone should be broken to join a cast?

As you know, they like to pick them, I sass!

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She Bellows

As I sleep, the organisms creep

They feed upon my skin

I must have let them in

The left side simply aches

In the quaking of my wake

Although I stretch without a yawn

They’re still there in the dawn

She swims within the dirty water still

She does so with graceful skill

Even as she lays still to rest

She’s still there among the best

Her calves continue to fill up fleshy

As she twists in-between toes-ISHY!

Whilst she scratches each digit along its plane

She pushes the cuticles down the drain

The fatty deposits on below

Keep her balanced! She bellows

REally trying to love her body

Despite the athlete’s foot and petroleum jelly

Natural astringent from a tomatoe grape

Squeezes out nutrients of which to intake

One foot is resting, enjoying the sting

While the other one wails for its turn to sing

Since her direction is stagnant

And her ankles are on a tangent

Rest! Rest! I say during the swell of the early day

Your legs need elevation as we’re not munching hay

Nope! Not a cattle to be prodded or sow

It’s pertinent to enjoy the moment of now

Up we will rise to meet the challenges life brings

But for now, let’s sit still like a ding-a-ling!

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You’re so proud & loud

Dancing on a mushroom cloud

However may you sing

Doesn’t mean a thing

And all the creatures crawl

Upon your skin to have it all

Just eating dirt & having sex

Causing bumps as they infest

Crazy lil’ critters you rub off

As grime from a cough

Mix me a Molotof

Before I decide to scoff

As you purse your lips

To profess how curvy my hips

Are you impressed with my confidence?

Because my heart is immense

Picking off the residue

The infiltration sticks like glue

But we can’t think at all

Or even run away from the wall

My stomach growls at their snarls

Spreading out to multiply gall!

Creepy crawlers are my high

And it seems she low too…Bye!

Just when you think your skin smoothe

On they ride as they can’t move

This is their life cycle

And it doesn’t roll as a bicycle

Sure we could ply them with alcohol

But it only kills a few in their thawl

It doesn’t matter if you’re in or out

The doggone critters gonna make you shout!

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Dead Or Alive (Sung to Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or Alive) 😏❤️🌈

Not quite the same

The land & weather changed

Everyday, it never goes away

Another place where faces & hands are dead

Thank goodness I still haven’t lost my head

Cuz’ I’m a cowgirl

In a steel horse I sleep

Cuz’ that’s the way

The wind from I keep

It blows everywhere (everywhere)

All ‘round my tent

And I can’t see how I’ll ever be content

Sometimes I drive, sometimes it’s not for days

The people I meet are all doing as they plays

Sometimes you tell the night by the company you keep

And while alone, you cannot hear a peep

Oh, and I ride (Yeah)

I’m a cowgirl

In a steel horse I sleep

Cuz’ that’s the way

The wind from I keep

It blows everywhere (everywhere)

All ‘round my tent

And I can’t see how I’ll ever be content

Got kicked off the land

And even the parking lot

Without a gun

Still don’t know how I fought

Cuz’ I’m a cowgirl

In a steel horse I sleep

Cuz’ that’s the way

The wind from I keep

It blows everywhere (everywhere)

All ‘round my tent

And I can’t see how I’ll ever be content

And I walk, bike, or swim

It’s all I ever do

To save on gas

Some may never get a clue

I’ve been everywhere (everywhere)

Still I’m sitting so pretty

I’ve seen a million faces

They treat me kinda shitty

Cuz’ I’m a cowgirl

In a steel horse I sleep

Cuz’ that’s the way

The wind from I keep

It blows everywhere (everywhere)

All ‘round my tent

And I can’t see how

I’ll ever be content

Won’t stay at the shelter

They got too many rules

Just to breathe a breath

Well, it only makes me drool

‘Cuz I’m a cowgirl

In a steel horse I sleep

Cuz’ that’s the way

The wind from I keep

It blows everywhere (everywhere)

All ‘round my tent

And I can’t see

How I’ll ever be content

Gary Numan said

In my car it’s safest of all

From the driver’s seat

I can barely see the wall

I can close the door

If I wanna hang my head & bawl

Cuz’ I’m a cowgirl

In a steel horse I sleep

I might be wanted

But here I like to sleep

Here I like to sleep

Here I like to sleep

Here I like to sleep

(Musical fade out)

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If Only Media were like this-Wait…It is!

The Queen said somebody let a fart. She was rather offended! There was an investigation to somehow find out whose caboose this air of relevance sneaked out of butt the only evidence the spies could find was lots of smelly dog shit!

This big-assed computer whiz, who most likely slept in unconventional places & mooched off his friends to obtain his big ASS-ets, decided to run a company via Zoom in order to escape possible pick-pockets his fans label employees. The imps plow on, however, uttering ‘EEEEEEEEE!’ whenever asked of his whereabouts. Then they’re found Zooming around because it’s part of his prerequisites for remaining employed. (He is also said to have a camera fetish as he believes his soul is let out with every snap)

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Enough Said

Thank you Clara for your demonstrations

As for Harvey, thanks for making your own doghouse

Thank you Sigurd fir your spunk

Without that, you couldn’t have all those punks!

Thank you Harry. They named a razor after you

It’s such a great honor after enduring the zoo!

Hey Lyle! I’m on an isle!

Loads wof love to Ol’ Auntie Viv

In this here age, she wouldn’t wanna live

Bing, Blondie said accidents never happen in the perfect world

But your son’s got a home so to whirl

I’m gonna miss a whole slew of relatives

Still, to me, they are relative

Robin flew away, Dusty’s smelling musty, & Jackie is blue

Harriet finally buried it

Judy went tootie-she ate too many fruities

Can’t forget Sidney

His dancing must have come from Australia

Now he’s down under

Uncle Ray is shining every day like sunshine

Good golly Miss Molly! With Kermit you went

Maybe this all is better left unsaid

Rest In Peace as if in bed ❤️

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I’ve spent much of my ‘career’ fulfilling those service sector positions while trying to make ends meet as a future consumer producer (Mother) as well as serving as the housekeeper and political manager (fighting off teachers’ opinions in the name of love for my child) while biting off more than I could chew as a student trying to position myself for greater future success in this great American rat race. (Yes, I do try to set a good example) Although I certainly have a tendency to become fond and perhaps infatuated by many admirable male personalities, the truth is, I became lost in them if I stayed too long. Whilst in the Army, they conveniently gave it a label, stamped the paperwork, and filed it away (Honorably, I might add). However, it doesn’t necessarily go away. Years later, I am still influenced.

It may be true that the United States faces ‘catastrophe’, but then we risk certain ailments, mishaps, and accidents out of necessity of survival. For instance, if you enjoy hot food, you might get burned cooking it. The same is true with the desire for curly hair. Either your misuse of the curling iron will zap you or the chemicals in the perm will eat your scalp. In any event, I do not believe unity has been shattered or service sectors obliterated…at least not completely. It is true we all suffer. It doesn’t necessarily have a color though. For that matter, even a gender. We can all stand together, if not physically certainly in spirit, for the American anthem too.

My eyesight might not be a perfect 20/20, however, I see how a plague could suddenly open the eyes of many sleeping giants. The rhyme, ‘You snooze, you lose’ comes to mind. It was once a great idea to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ and, perhaps, it remains a great idea. But let me pose a different question. If the ‘house always wins’ which house would everyone like to see win? Naturally, their own, I’m sure. Still, many houses exist and its quite sad to see some fall. This doesn’t necessarily come as a comparison with one’s neighbor. However, we quite naturally look to our sides rather than sticking our blinders on as a dutiful horse. Because we are not robots or computers, we are flawed in our capacity to dutifully follow the carrot as willingly. This causes distress, to say the least, for both employer as well as employee. Within our own realms, there are as many houses to tend to as there are personal needs we want to fulfill. These shift as our lives change. If one would prefer to categorize the houses into labeled categories, they could be separated by naming them love, finance, transportation, professional, food, animals, or what have you. In an ideal world, all houses ‘win’ but in our world, gifts and blessings come much more slowly than nifty, flashing commercials would indicate otherwise.

As for Trump’s party or the Carrey camp, I choose the Carrey camp. His seeming fearless stance in the face/farce of a 1950’s throwback is quite admirable with or without humor. We’re all going to need a leg to stand on even if it comes in the form of Charlie Chaplin’s cane. As far as the ‘snowflakes’ are concerned, let them have a ball too and not a bawl.

Markets will rise and corporations will prosper in this economy of ‘larceny and lies’ as Jim Carrey puts it, no matter who is leading the country because Americans are dependent on goods and services. We are social creatures who thrive on transactions. That song, ‘If you’ve got the Money, Honey, I’ve got the time’ still chimes true as does the saying, ‘It takes money to make money’ As well, time actually does equate to money. I think I’ve spent mine wisely through this commentary. Thank You.

Bonita Christensen, Writer & Poet

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My Translation of a Martian

Always, Always Shop

Don’t Think Before You Do

Something Controls Your Thoughts

May God Help

Clear Your Thoughts


Be Clear

Mind End

May Goad

Space = Piece

Luvs Be With You Always

May Godiva Give You Hope

To Your Life

May Go Dive

Grate Strength To Make

It Throw (You)

Your Life

Gazune-Tight All!

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clouds dark moon moonlight

Photo by Vedad Colic on Pexels.com

What does it mean anyways?
Music always helps me to sway!

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Press On, Press Play

orange cat foot on laptop keyboard

Photo by Александар Цветановић on Pexels.com

It’s time, my friends! It’s totally time for enjoyment!
What are you working for? Listen to the ocean!
It’s the ocean of people showing up for you, not to you
Laugh, Love, and Live the Experience!
You’d go to your child’s band or choir concert, right?
You’d go to a rock concert in an instant, correct?
Well, what about all these other beautiful Melodies?
They are crying to be heard! Allow them to inspire you!
You don’t want to buy? You don’t want to pay?
No problem, my friends. Take a sample! Just a hint/hit!
Soon you’ll find your hindsight lit and you too will see 20/20 (2020)
Why is it so hard to embrace the leisure given?
What was that work ethic for?
The belief that everything happens for a reason is sacred!
Go forth and multiply, but what do you desire to multiply?
Hopefully, not those old doubts and beliefs of scarcity
Nope! Just find whatever the fruits of your labor are
And the manifestation of success will soon be yours!
Act now! Supplies are NOT limited! The sale/sail goes on for
Infinity and beyond! Which horse you gonna feed, anyways?
Press On! Press Play!

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