Who do I need to impress?
By putting myself under duress?
Does it really matter how I dress?
For this silly thing they call ‘success’?

And what about the way I act
Can I publicly keep my undies intact?
Or empty out the remnants of urine?
With everyone asking me where I’ve been?

Seems I have to take care of it all
And spend much less time at the mall
Maybe I’m just interested in all
What I can do…call

Rather than maintaining the ordinary slew
Of commitments, relationships, and financial piggy bank
That grows and subsides as I live
Yet still, they all want me to give

A shit about whatever they’re selling
Material thoughts keep on swelling
My brain that’s already cramped
With ideas of how to stay camped!

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Music has Magic

Where pain and pleasure interconnect
That is where we see a train wreck
Where pain and pleasure intercede
We gather honey as well as mead
Why do I speak of such sensations?
Sometimes for me there’s little variation
Whenever I’m well-liked or admired
It seems more like quicksand-quagmire
For there’s nowhere left to go but sink
At first, I am sailing, but then I blink
And all I see is an ocean of faces
Glimmering brightly-nearly blinding!
And we’re all busy playing along
Singing a dissonant song
When we should be all harmonizing
The sun rises too fast for synchronizing
Therefore, the delicate tune
Leaves us howling at the moon
The loneliness leaves us yodeling notes
But we laugh at the diversity quotes
Still we embrace the distraction
Since it’s hardly a fatal attraction
And if it is, that is tragic
Yet, frightening music has magic
In any case we are brought together
To carry out our days without measure
So, we might as well toot our own horn
While we carry a tune in our heart so forlorn…

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IMG_0308.JPGI’m sowing, sewing, & so-what-ing again
In my land of make-believe to pretend
It’s recreation at its finest hour
And entertainment to kill the sour
Just keeping hands as busy as a bee
As I ponder thoughts of philosophy
Ooh – I could go on day and night
In this blessed gift called light
Because the load gets heavy so quick
And instead of eating, I should lick
Because I’ve grown so much
Time for a poem instead of lunch
Hopefully you’re digesting this nicely
It has no calories, but it will suffice, see!
Always and forever making things out of thin air
Keeps me on my toes while I’m going nowhere
With all the imaginary faults, wrongs, and sin
Maybe all we need is discipline
Of love to forgive and keep moving
It’s the only way we’re improving
So, we all could sow/sew/so a glut
Or just keep our eyes open & mouths shut
It absolutely makes perfect sense
In an opportunist, capitalistic world
(I like to call nonsense…)

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I am not crazy or ugly – I’m not even fug-ly
I am neither responsible nor irresponsible
I cannot take the credit or the cake
Since my whole entire world is an EARTHQUAKE
Hardly lets me sleep & I’m always barely awake
Rolling my eyes about everything at stake
And at times I get disgusted from my own expectations
That were great at the time ‘til I see my limitations
If my love is a gift, why can’t I share or give?
Perhaps it’s self-preservation so that I can live!
So saddened by the thought of selfish strife
Judged as self-pity throughout my whole life
When in reality, I’m just too strong
I can’t stay put in the place THEY say I belong
Whether I land or whether I fall
All I can do is laugh while I bawl
And to not go through the embarrassing wait
Of response from others that comes far too late
The excuses are many, but I can’t care
Because I have my own while I’m going nowhere (& tearing out my hair)
That’s why I travel and stay on vacation
This life gets too long for extreme admiration
And so, yet again, I’m a hypocrite
Telling you all that I just never quit
Is it a brick wall, brick or speck of dust?
That we decide in the wake of our lust?!
But as I write to entertain you all
I hear my Mother call and it’s my way to stall…
Hi I'm going Parasailing

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988.1Gelatin (Tiger Sun)Everybody’s passing the buck

And expecting me to give a fuck

And giving me the run-around

When all I want is higher ground

Avoiding responsibility & causing complications

While I continue to belch & strain for vacation

It’s such a sensation with little variation

Luckily for me, I walk on

Keeping chin up – Staying strong!

Acquisitions put me in so many positions

Since they’re the ball and chain

Even so, I still remain plain Jane

And I forward this to you, not back

As I’m careful not to break my back or get sacked

They say Mars is on the attack

But I just see a duck…QUACK!

It’s all I can do in this melting pot stew

Of corruption and accusations run rampant

The feeling I get? I’m at camp yet

Green Horn getting my feet wet

And planning my gelatin mold to be set

Only to be consumed once again

Like breathing in & out like ZEN

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987.Humanity (Well Spoken)Humanity is so pathetic, dirty, and sad
Crying by the side of the road
Having gone absolutely MAD
Some say the cry is healthy
Liquid salt flowing down your face
But really it’s just something else
So much has been disgraced and misplaced
Responsible for everything and nothing
(That’s for sure!)
Self-preservation while on vacation
Innocent and pure

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Nothing New

973.Nothing New (Spotty)

Eating a lemon for the first time
Made me pucker and squinch my lips fine
The sour taste was more addicting in candy form
Or lemonade before the storm
Yes, before the storm, it gets really hot
That lemonade, though, could not be forgotten
It perks up the dreariest of days
And the vitamin C everyone craves!
So I no longer pucker my lips
At the sound of a lemon, Pips
I just remember how, when combined
As a lemonade concoction, it’s more than a grind
Never mind the rind, I mean, it’s better than the brew
Of that old, brown coffee stew
The comparison is nothing new
And lemonade wins my taste buds, Crew!

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