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Russell Stover

As I rustled through the wrappers Of Russell Stover’s candies to pamper Myself through a mindboggling struggle I haphazardly found a flavor to muddle Over the value of the tastebud’s surprise My hands applauding through the doubtful surmise

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Tickle a Fancy

I spied a feather, it was for me I tucked it into my cap thoughtfully But then I had a thought of an earring And it passed quickly Since one would look so gay And I’m straight as an arrow … Continue reading

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Getting away with profit Puts pennies in my pocket But when I saw the sign How quickly did I find That rules posted creates wealth Since authorities use stealth How quickly did pennies circulate? To all so often give them … Continue reading

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Skip to My Lou

The computer sucks my time away like no tomorrow Even so, it somehow alleviates my sorrow Knowing there are so many souls like mine Crying out for a way to spend their time Because time spent is better than spent … Continue reading

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Kicking the Can

There are no Jones’ to keep up with Only Davy Jones’ locker So the next time you want to upgrade Think how it possibly degrades Since we throw everything away And recycle or repair the fray We never can make … Continue reading

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Cat in the Hat

Go with your gut or go with your head It doesn’t matter since you are not dead And even if you were, nobody forgets what you said Therefore there is immortality in our frugal liberty We make up to do … Continue reading

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Who is the Doctor?

When your preoccupation Becomes your occupation Then who is the doctor and who is the patient When all the sickness is gone? And you’ve found a place to belong Leading, not just tag-a-long We’re all here to help each other … Continue reading

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Men on Silver Stallions

Battling ideas of their minds Of life’s competition and slight of hand Settling differences with physical jest But still haven’t killed the disease that infests Is it for sport we cavort? Or always testing the strength for superiority? In some … Continue reading

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Towering over a bad reading I feel I’m cut and may be bleeding Taking the low road instead of the high It seems I still make it while I get by The words still echo and rhyme Even as I … Continue reading

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Agent Orange

I chose an agent orange color To assist me thru my day Since it is London-raining Upon my life of play I didn’t want to discuss it The way I can’t forecast Every single raindrop And so I run real … Continue reading

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