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Tickle a Fancy

I spied a feather, it was for me I tucked it into my cap thoughtfully But then I had a thought of an earring And it passed quickly Since one would look so gay And I’m straight as an arrow … Continue reading

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To, Two, and Too

To whom it may concern: Two seems too much to endure One is bad enough to discern With two, though, the constant play Of many possibilities dismay And this is why that is true Pick simply one reason, then do … Continue reading

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Some strange footprints found In the sand or the mud so profound Warned me I’m not alone Nor shall I become a clone So mysterious as they were They could have danced a twirl Or slipped by in the dead … Continue reading

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Getting away with profit Puts pennies in my pocket But when I saw the sign How quickly did I find That rules posted creates wealth Since authorities use stealth How quickly did pennies circulate? To all so often give them … Continue reading

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The Box

The box is square or rectangle It puts us in such a tangle Because it’s confinement at best We try to get out of the next Not much life happens there Only still pictures & objects fair We are constantly … Continue reading

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Radio Box

That old wooden radio box Is another confinement or refinement Seems so perfect to hear All the confounded information, so dear Listening for facts or fiction Entertained by the various diction Music is another lovely delight To engage our beautiful … Continue reading

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The Chase

As I chase after happiness I’m in hot pursuit of its meaning Constantly striving and achieving Sometimes I’m up against a wall Other times, I enjoy a great Fall But the most important decision Has to be trying for the … Continue reading

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They Have Brains

As I put my feet up on a chair To relax my blood flow-not a care I see so much opportunity there Out in the garden-Thoughts take as I stare I could water, pick rocks, or weeds I could dig … Continue reading

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Wesley & Porocko

Upon an old, crackly-looking, yet sturdy branch sat a wise ‘ol owl named Wesley. Wesley spent his time watching the activities of all his forest friends with his big googly eyes. He also enjoyed eating little rabbits and mice now … Continue reading

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On the other side of the universe, where the moon shines brighter than here, and where the flowers are a hundred feet tall, there is a nether world called Happiest Heaven. As you might very well anticipate, all who live … Continue reading

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