917.PRODUCTS & SERVICES (Too Wet to Feel)

Some of the products come without service
And some of the service comes without products
But whether physical or deliberate action
We try our best to give it
And serve so gleefully with grit
But mostly the motions happen fast
And we can’t always make it last
That’s how we go about business as we cast
Our next magical spell of happiness
That brings an attitude shift
To the most heavy to lift
And off they go floating high
But some want to keep it
And try drugs to maintain endorphin
Yet little do they realize how it fades
Still, to them, it’s unacceptable and degrades
Simply put, without the lows,
How can we ever feel the highs?
And trying to be skeptical or neutral
Only causes others to sigh!
So what is to be done?
With all products & services under the sun?
When the experience of humanity
Is the only thing that saves our sanity.

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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