Pedaling As I Tread Water


913. Pedaling as I Tread Water(Multicolored World

As I rode away from the concrete jungle of the city,

The untamed trees became oh so pretty

Sparkling with colors…orange, yellow, and red

The bold, crisp, popping bursts stick in my head

Then the parking lots were suddenly replaced

With rolling hills of grass-wildflowers laced

Spinning my wheels towards the lonesome prairie

I spotted the goats, horses and cows of dairy

The natural lawn mowers that they were

Made me think of emissions that would not occur

Tis true one could say they cause air pollution

But their meat, hide, and ride are a better solution

Except for the horses, they just make good glue

Let’s not spoil this ride when I haven’t a clue

There are caterpillars crawling out from the edge of the ditch

So carefully do I avoid them without becoming unhitched

And I think to myself how their slow crawl is a struggle

Just to exist and survive as every other bug – Oh!

Because they are still squirming I might have a chance

To beat ‘Ol Man Winter before he asks us to dance

Further on my journey, I see road kill galore

I wonder what they looked like when we still could adore

And the swoon of skunk – it really stunk!

But hey, he was in the middle as the song implied

By Loudin Wainwright – Now that man tells no lies!

Onward I must forge to pass every valley and gorge

Past the railroad tracks as well as every dam storage

Beautiful little cornflowers declare their presence

Amongst the wake of clover, buttercups, thistles, and babe’s breath

But no matter how much money the city operates

It could never match the many blades of grass conglomerate

For their lush, green shades filled with oxygen

Are worth far more since they’re not a pathogen

All germy from the many hands that went before

Money spreads disease for sure!

Just love how grass becomes a shag carpet floor!

Soft as my feet sink into its luscious core

But even as I’m heading further out

To the countryside’s outskirt turn-about

It’s an awfully quiet ride with no one to confide

Even so, it’s just as bumpy as city subsides

The only arguments heard out in nature

Are by the small animals so immature

Still, the squirrel’s squabble, chipmunk’s chatter, and bird’s squawking

Could never irritate as much as human voices do

Perhaps it’s because their language, to me, is askew

And, I know, it pertains not to me in their scheme

That’s why it’s believable I’m living my dream

Even so, distractions continue to invade

Yet, somehow, in the country, they easily fade

Stars are more visible in the sky out here

Instead of inside an electronic box there

It’s true, the television stars talk, dance, and sing

But the sky stars give off a twinkle-joy to my eyes bring

On a bicycle, I keep touring through nature’s vista

Yet, it’s on a paved road as in the city, a buggy bistro

If I chose a mountain bike, it doesn’t roll on mountains

At least not directly – therefore the city still stands

But we’re talking about nature, so…that’s the nature of things

See, we never quite lose the city in the country

Just as this is true, children never lose their parents

As well, broken marriages are not widowed or divorced

For we always remember to carry on with our course

Sky blue with sunshine might be dry

But is it not blue when the thick, wet rain comes? Cry!

Nature is not a fixed concept, much like life, it is dynamic

Oh how my brain hurts – could you find me a hammock?

No? Oh yeah, I’m discussing this biking tour

But it isn’t about me – Again, took a detour!

There are enemies who could be friends

But trust is an issue beyond our wits end

And the usual habits and nature of the beast

Need consideration or respect at least

Everything that walks or crawls is hungry, keep in mind

And ever so protective! Better watch your behind!

Don’t turn your back on the ones in need

Unless you know their hearts are filled with greed

Never back down from a fight or run

Because either way, the challenge isn’t ‘won’

Strive for a tie or a truce at best

Agreement is better than any jest or test

Killing to survive or surviving to kill

Usually takes some talent and a whole lot of skill

But whether to protect yourself or just to eat

Put it into perspective, this gruesome feat

Skillfully constructed, this language also is a tool

And depending on how it’s used, could keep you acting like a fool

But in nature, it’s not always about intelligence

Sometimes it’s our attitude and being blessed with eloquence

The angular, angry city, can be suspicious at every end

But the smile of the infinite acre countryside knows no end

And if, by chance, you took advantage of an open door

Enjoy that blessing and whatever it had in store

Because in nature and life, it’s in constant change

Find some comfort in the curses and the omens strange

Because it has to get better even if you disengaged

Have you ever watched animals building their nests

With sticks, fabric, mud… just doing their best?

It isn’t an overnight success most of the time

Just a slow-running process in their pantomime

Or they burrow underground in tunnels elaborate

Yet to us, it’s just a maze…some kind of labyrinth

The spiders spin webs to hang around and eat

And the bees use wax or paper to construct so neat

Most importantly to consider is this, my friends

Each species has a difference and can’t always make amends

There are predators, helpers, and strange ones to admire

Be careful while constructing that toasty camp fire

Remember that patience is a virtue and there is no clock out in the wild

Only four seasons which are hopefully mild

No holidays, sales, or deadlines…just scenic beauty so sublime

Now how would you like to pass your time?

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this stark reality rhyme…

I’ll pedal my bicycle while treading water for you anytime!

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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