Tangerine Trees & Marmalade Skies

On the other side of the universe, where the moon shines brighter than here, and where the flowers are a hundred feet tall, there is a nether world called Happiest Heaven. As you might very well anticipate, all who live in Happiest heaven are as happy as the night is long. Wherever you go, you see laughing eyes all around. It’s such a magical place that even the trees seem to grin in Happiest Heaven. All the creatures and insects in Happiest Heaven are pleased too. If you’ve never seen a happy bat or a smiling knat or rat, or even a smirking snake-Go to Happiest Heaven. This is a tale about a person who lived in Happiest Heaven, who happened to be called Mrs. Happy. Mrs. Happy was thin sometimes, plump sometimes, but all around, she was mostly happy!
She lived in a big cave, beside a diamond mine, at the foot of a mountain and close to the forest. One day, while Mrs. Happy was walking thru the forest near her home, she came across an article of clothing which was really quite exciting. There in the trunk left on the ground from a passing ship lay a purple metallic blanket! Not a very large blanket, but it was certainly a blanket. A medium size or we could say queen-sized.
“I wonder who left this here?” thought Mrs. Happy, and she placed the wonderful purple blanket around her shoulders. The blanket was not too hot and it shined in the sun quite easily.

Just tucked inside, Mrs. Happy wrapped herself up just like a caterpillar would in its cocoon. Mrs. Happy squeezed her body around and around the blanket and began to go to sleep. A spider’s web went round & round & down & up and down & round and round & down and up. Finally, after a long, long, long nap, Mrs. Happy decided it was time to wake up. She looked everywhere and saw only darkness in front of her. She also started turning red. Mrs. Happy knocked on her blanket cocoon. “Who’s there?” said a voice. It was a strange, yet friendly voice. “Who’s there?” Mrs. Happy slowly pushed through the metallic cocoon. There sitting on a tuffet was a spider whose face looked exactly like Mrs. Happy, except that she didn’t look happy at all. In fact, she looked downright miserable.

“Hello!” said Mrs. Happy. “I’m Mrs. Happy.”
“Oh, are you really?” said the spider whose face looked like Mrs. Happy, but wasn’t. The spider had a tone of distrust in her voice. “Well, my name is Mrs. Doubter and I’m the most miserable person in the world.”
“Why are you so miserable?” asked Mrs. Happy.
“Because I had to eat my husband because I was hungry.” replied Mrs. Miserable.
“How would you like to be happy like me?” asked Mrs. Happy
“I’d give anything to be happy”, said Mrs. Doubter. “But I’m so miserable I don’t think I could ever be happy.” she added miserably.
Mrs. Happy made up her mind quickly. “Follow me!” she said.
“Are you sure about this?” asked Mrs. Doubter
“Stop doubting me and have faith.” said Mrs. Happy, and she went out through the giant, wide green door. Mrs. Doubter hesitated, and then followed.

Down, down, down the curly slide they went. Down thru some tunnels of water and round and down and round and down until they came out into the forest.
“That was a really fun ride!” said Mrs. Doubter
“Follow me”, said Mrs. Happy again, and they both walked through the forest back to Mrs. Happy’s cave. Mrs. Doubter stayed in Mrs. Happy’s care for quite a while. And during that time the most remarkable thing happened. Because she was living in Happiest heaven, Mrs. Doubter very, very slowly stopped being distrustful, sad and miserable and started to become happy. She stopped looking at people like Mrs. Happy to be her next meal. And very, very slowly her mouth started turning up at the corners.

Eventually, Mrs. Doubter did two things she’d never done in her whole life…(1) She didn’t eat Mrs. Happy, and (2) She smiled! And then she chuckled and started rolling her eight legs over the floor doing cartwheels. She also giggled, laughed, and chuckled as gleefully as she ever had. And Mrs. Happy was so pleased and taken aback that she couldn’t help but laugh, giggle, & chuckle too! They laughed so hard, they cried! Mrs. Doubter and Mrs. Happy became ever so happy together.
Since they were so happy, the bats in the trees even started laughing!
And that’s about the end of the story except to say that whenever you feel as doubtful, sad and miserable as Mrs. Doubter, you know precisely what to do, don’t you?
Just turn that frown upside down!

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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