In Your Face

In Your Face

In Your Face
I’m not that into finding a place
To stow all my stuff so they’re not in your face
And if they disgrace – how defining
My love is not quite so confining
To your values I’ve turned on their head
Doesn’t matter if I have a bed
As long as I sleep
My principles I keep
If we lounge around at home
Or wander streets like a gnome
Doesn’t much matter the contrast
Since on my feet I can run fast
From anger and pain
You want to remain
But really I like peace
This comparison must cease
See life is better for me
Not being chained to a tree
Or relegated to pay out the nose
I can observe how everything grows
Danger? I laugh!
Being safe with my staff
And rod I carry quietly
If there’s a riot, I flee!
Why shouyld I be as you
Running my head off with nothing to do?
The problem you see
Seems to be about me
Yet I can disappear
Like the Velvedere
Yes, the rabbit is late
For a very important date
As if I’m Alice in Wonderland
Lost in the midst of asunder, Man
Dragging me down isn’t building me up
I just keep on coming to fill my cup
It isn’t so burdening to you
And if it is, Baby, I flew
Far away from your thought
‘Cuz I know what I’ve got
It’s yet another existence
That you didn’t find in my sentence
So, I’m not standing tall
Just humbled in the fall
Of love ever pure
Oh Yes, I am sure
And I have the confidence
In the face of all your ‘progress’
Why should I like to change
Into something that is strange?
I’ve been a lovely poet all along
And damn it, we can get along
We’re lifted up time & again
And I’m eveer grateful, my friend
It’s just that the payback is hard
When kicked out like a tub o’ lard
So it angers me more than you
But I see the sky is blue
And it pleases me much more
When I find another door
To knock upon as a stranger
It is I who feel the danger
For you are all too guarded
Perhaps a bit retarded
Forgive me, perhaps I’ve seen too much
To keep down all my lunch
For authority figures abound
And I am not lost, but am found
Trying to conform me to be
How can I put this delicately?
Molding my day into mud
That they trample over in flood
Of the water they bring they call a spring
But it washes away everything
My creative, artistic, poetic design
The nerve that I tell them, “It’s Mine!”
Yet they want something more
And they show me the door
So I stand in their hallway
And yell that it’s my way
Back to the highway or drawingboard
To start once again from being bored
With all of the rules & distress
They tell me it’s just my mistress
And I tell them I’m a girl
Eyebrows still won’t unfurl
So once again we’re back to my contribution
In which case I take retribution
While I stnand by my mysterious fem
Who isn’t real, but she’s s Gem
She’s my wide open truthful discovery
That after all is my recovery
From the constant nagging & bragging
Meanwhile, I am lagging or tagging
Yet even so, I still make my rainbow
And in our darkness…it glows!

About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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