Attraction…A Compliment

Attraction...A Compliment

Attraction…A Compliment

To know you half-way is almost insane
But to know you close-up is nearly the same
Double messages sent you know not about
Can have me believe you without any doubt

So honest, sincere, and ever so true
How could I have known I’d be black & blue?
Defensive and edgy when I walked your way
Sarcastic, then snarling and I turned away

Still, how you wanted to be on my side
But after that stunt, I’ll stay off that ride
A tool of your trade is to feed hungry ego
But I stood my ground to make everything legal

Transmitted messages of unwanted sort
Should not be offensive, so please don’t abort
No more could manage platonic tie
So please take log out that’s still stuck in your eye

Attraction should be like a compliment
Even if it is obviously explicit
It’s kind of like love and kind of like lust
But if you turn your back, what is left is mistrust

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About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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