Reasons I don’t want to Play

Reasons I don't want to Play

Reasons I don’t want to Play
Is this just another attempt at reconciliation with the past? I just have to ask.
Release and freedom is what I have and in token, deserve the same
I know what I’m doing and why and it’s just independence, not vengeance
A reconciliation and cementing of ties could never recover the truth you defied
I labored in vain as you said, “Go Away”, but now you come back because only now I’m okay?
I cried and I begged, but you would hear no more – and now you expect me to open my door?!
You have no idea what you do. Let your blue sky go to gray and let my sky be blue!
You say you are hurt, but I say, So What! When you thought that you knew me, I was but a slut!
You say you’ll take more, but I say Enough! We smell it and sense it – both have the right stuff!
Do not make your office your home. Do not bring back the bird that has flown.
You want me to build it, but I say, “Bye Bye!” Just watch as this birdie continues to fly!
Thank you so much for your contribution. Excuse me now as I take retribution.
I want no part in your hideous play. The way that I found you – I leave the same way.
Leave well enough alone and I do not feel ‘punished’ – I just know if I stayed, I’d be blemished.
It’s dignity I keep and sanity I hold. My soul is not available to be bought or sold.
Integrity I keep while I do not say “Thank You” A job has been served and I am of rank too.
Do not feel disturbed that responsibility; shaked. Do not feel uneasy when my smile; faked.
Just traveling my path and minding my own, but do not be concerned, for my heart is not stone.
Neglect for the plant is what I have wrought. My roots are now healthy and rid of that drought.
What I thought was water was really quite dry. But thank God I remembered just how to cry.
What is now growing – don’t try to uproot. Instead go elsewhere to practice the flute!
So afraid were you that I’d taken a cookie? Well fear me now not as I shake my groove thing!
It’s sad, but someone must say, “The End” Yet I’m brave ‘cuz it’s me and quite sadly not him.
Entertainment is something I will not supply. So do not be sad that my well has run dry.

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About bognetta

Love has been so much more powerful than other people's control. I think it's all love, but sometimes it doesn't feel like love. That is because so many people are defensive, protective, and do not care to trust in that four letter!
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