Cup O’ Noodles

733.1Cup O' Noodles

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Tumbled Down

732.1Tumbled Down

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Some People

Some People

777.1Some People

Some people ask me whether I know

What I’m going to make before I go

Along with the pencil, pen, or marker

I tell them I don’t, I am darker

They ask me what I mean by this shade

I tell them I am what I made

Then they quizzically look confounded

That I could imagine myself grounded

Some people ask me why I don’t take classes

For art so that it could ‘improve’ for the masses

I tell them that instruction would ruin

What’s in my heart and what is brewing

They are stunned at my stubborn arrogance

Of picking up design so to chance a lance

A lot has come into my mind

To express and break free of the grind

What is art, but a series of shapes?

What is music, but a series of notes?

Yet each shape and note can evoke

The strongest emotions, the yolk

Yes, the core of what’s happening inside

The master cracks at the thought of the ride

Like Beethoven’s Ninth, so strong and forthcoming

Its got us shaking and staying, not running

We listen to those eight well-plucked strings

And realize how much is said as it rings

Some people can understand all of this

And come to a conclusion that art is bliss

If we had it not, we would miss

An extraordinary master or masteress

Almost at their breaking point or wits

But one could never tell…it’s complexity twists!

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Another Toy

Another Toy

779.1Another Toy

You are not your clothes or shoes

You are not your make-up or hair

Maybe when you look inside

That is when you know you care

It is not always one emotion

That causes waves and moves the ocean

But if you always use your muscle

You will get sore of the hustle

Vanity of always trying and vying

You can’t tell me you’re not lying

Since we all are hypocrites

Fighting constantly thru our spit

Talking, discussing, arguing, – I’m just sayin’

In our scheme of conversation ・ we’re just playin’

Because actions speak louder than words

And some activities are simply absurd

As for mental health, here’s what I’ve found

Whenever we’re lost, we’ve lost our ground

And excitement ’bout luxuries and prizes

Is built-up hoopla ・ what are the surprises?

Yet, the screaming and bizarre behavior

Are entertainment for the dead cadaver

Yes, if we’re alive, we’d work for it hard

Not living vicariously like a tub of lard

The crazy behavior is so attractive in this venue

It makes no sense…this societal menu

Maybe everyone should get diagnosed

Since all that’s on television is another dose

Of a remedy for yet another medical condition

Why don’t we subtract from addition?

Lured and lulled into a mental sublimination

Of wanting and needing a permanent vacation

Seeing and hearing the fools speak

Of fiction or fact causes one to feel meek

Because they convince that we’d never be content

With what we’ve already got, yet it’s work to vent

Therefore, to ignore it all and walk away

Is the best therapy ・ our heart we must obey

Naturally living or naturally dying

Is the best answer to all of this lying

Now Robin flew away and he’s found another way

To go to heaven or hell, which one he cannot tell

But the world will carry on

That’s what we do with others gone

Why take the time to grieve?

When it’s not our time to leave?

My dear, dear, fellow human beings

Life goes on for eons

Therefore, let’s ditch the worry

In a snowstorm or a flurry

Because through our sane recovery

Life is boring through discovery

Hate to say it, but it’s true

Mundane striving through the blue

Effort’s made to fly the kite

And to make ‘wrong’ into ‘right’

But no answer is the same

And the ‘winner’ knows no shame

Yet, realize, these are all labels

And each story is but a fable

If we don’t stand for something, we fall

For anything ・ it’s our call

Therefore, why should we listen to want

That’s just a creation for something we bought?

At the same time, if we don’t buy…

Then we’re walking away from the lie

That it would bring happiness and joy

It’s simply another toy for a girl or a boy

It doesn’t matter your addiction

It will always leave you itchin’

The pursuit is never enough

We always want more stuff

And the ‘stuff’ that we pursue

Isn’t physical ・ who knew?

It could be only satisfaction we can’t see through life’s extraction

Or maybe life’s subtraction let’s us see the main attraction

Let us know through pursuit of happiness

There will likely be some duress, but don’t stress!

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I’ve heard enough of your hopeless messages crushing
My cheer and my heart, blushing
Declaring that it’s one’s own fault alone
Shows me your hate in your tone
For I cannot steal from myself
So it isn’t my fault, you big ELF!
You simply don’t want any responsibility
Which would mean you care – I say accurately
There are some things on your part
But you turned yourself to cut a fart
And pretend to my face it don’t smell
But it does and it reeks high of hell!
At least God has me in his graces
And I’ll no longer see your faces
Of indignity and shame, your scorn
Making all of us wish we weren’t born!
Jesus he knows me and he knows I’m right
That’s why I can raise my voice with might
Although you can kick me out
I’m really still there, and here, no doubt!
Your attitude I don’t need
Got my own ego to feed
And it’s confidence and pride
You can’t deteriorate my hide

Taking over the guided care
Where Mom left off with a scare
Now I talk to inner child
And I comfort when defiled
And I am worth much more than you say
I will talk to you any old way
Since it is my American right
I will never hold my head down, fight!
It’s up and I can’t apologize if it’s bold!
Forever and a day I’ve been doing what I’m told
So you’d better take your game and fold
There’s nothing left to mold – it’s FORMED!
Now I’m kicking YOU out of my life
Because you bring nothing, nothing but strife
If you can’t help, then step off
And if this is mean, then FUCK OFF!

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Here We Go Another Round

Here We Go Another Round

Here we go another round
To care for the love we’ve found
Whether person, place, or thing
Running rampant – Ding-A-Ling!
Once again we’re getting up
To fill up our empty cup
Of life we know so well
And our oatmeal soon will swell
Dirty clothes & Dirty dish
Are not all of what we wish
But maintaining all of that
Leaves us lonely Puddy Tat
Interaction can impede
Then vibrations – a stampede
Trampling all that we compete
Is it victory or defeat?
Yet alarms are going off
As we turn our heads to cough
Can’t hit snooze or else we lose
And we won’t afford our booze
We disturb our awesome dream
With a twinkle and a gleam
That we practice in the mirror
And we can’t avoid the terror
Then we hop right out of bed
Nevermind our aching head
And we drink that brown bean potion
Nevermind the suntan lotion
Off to hit it once again
In our cars the highway ends
Ride the bus to save expense
Traffic does become intense
If we finally can relax
It is minimum, not max
Simple joys and simple sun
What we cherish on the run
America’s a work-a-holic
And our bosses say they’re ‘on it’
But they really take their time
While demanding all of mine
Now to combat this insanity
I forgot most of my vanity
To walk homeless on the street
Looking for some food to eat
It’s a picnic and a feast
To be carrying the least
But I’ll go another round
With my blood pumping profound
Won’t explain myself again
Since it leaves me at wit’s end
Let’s just say I’m on vacation
From the mania-crazed nation.

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I’m Bored of the World Cup

I’m bored of the world cup
Since in it there’s no sup
Per capita and gain
Is all there is remain
I’m bored with top-of-the-line
Which really is a line
And a sinker one at that
Leaves you broke ten seconds flat
I’m bored with new and improved
And I dare not make a move
Towards tummy tucks and silicone
Valley’s smoothe though I am torn
I’m bored with five-star places
As they do not care the faces
Of the ordinary folk
Repeat business is their hook
I’m bored with dressing up
For success, it is a SUCK
And I cannot be myself
Putting heart up on a shelf
I’m bored with giving in
I don’t need the discipline
Since I have my will and power
And together resist glower
I’m bored with expectations
So I went on a vacation
For myself to look inside
Instead of riding on thier ride
I’m bored with the wild goose chase
There is freedom in my lace
No headaches and no asprin
It depends on who you’re askin’
I’m happier not participating
In the work they’re all anticipating
Since a long-overdue break
May stop my heart from ache
Again, I’m bored of the world cup
Of urine for a test
If it’s good enough for Jagger,
Just be glad I look my best!

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